Life Drawing lesson 3

acrylic, Anthony Cudahy, Art, artist, Kaye Donachie, Life Drawing, paint, Students


This lesson we began by carrying out a brief painting in acrylic paint on cardboard as a warm up exercise. We focused on reducing the palette (burnt sienna, ochre, white and black) to translate the model’s warm skin tone effectively. The students worked on wooden board, this material – which offered little resistance to the paintbrushes and medium, allowed them to work easily and quickly during the hour pose.

The Artists we took inspiration from in particular this lesson were:


 Kaye Donachie

Whose hazy saturated painting’s really deal with the soft quality of skin and differing light sources and shadows being dispersed throughout the work.


Anthony Cudahy

Cudahy’s painting’s use a patchy tonal ‘swatch’ like application of paint to build up form and heighten light and dark to a stark contrast.

Here are some outcomes.





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